What's in a dud?

Earlier today I posted a photograph to my Facebook. I thought it was a cool photograph, but not much more.

It received immediate and strong positive reaction. I thought how funny - they don’t know how bad this shot started out.

Here is the image I posted.

From my flight out of LGA Airport.

Equipped with my D700 and a 85mm tilt/shift lens, I tilted slightly and focused on the barely noticeable skyline and got one frame off before the pilot turned us away.

It came out like this.

Not so good, eh?

I did a couple of things…

1. Straightened it. (Aperture)

2. Set new black & white points. (Aperture)

3. Added contrast & definition. (Aperture)

4. Processed toned B&W. (Silver Efex Pro)

5. Removed window frame from corner. (Ps)

So what started out as an easy throw away image from a hot, hazy morning in NYC took 20 minutes of editing and created a reaction.

What are you throwing away?