The Importance of People

Please bear with me, chances are I’ll struggle with my thoughts…

These last few weeks have been a nearly perfect example of what I want in life. I could not be more grateful for these opportunities, experiences, and to share them with terrific people.

So what’s happened?

Two weeks ago I photographed two local projects for long time clients. I’m not gonna talk about the photographs; they’re great and I can’t wait to show them but I want talk about something much more important. People.

First was a public recreation center in an architecturally conservative suburb of Columbus. With this project my client, Meyers+Associates, has set the national standard for public recreation center design. To say my work on this project was difficult to complete would be an understatement. Architectural photographers often deal with tight schedules, construction, owner move in, grand openings, poor and sometimes horrible weather. We had it all! Ohio has had rain for two months and that caused a ripple effect throughout the project’s schedule. I say this not to pat myself on the back for dealing with it, or to make anyone look bad - I say it because my client, the owner, and construction manager, and Rec. center staff were all extremely helpful and understanding of our collective situation. After all, we were in this together. It turned what could have been a horrible mess into a challenge we knew we could find our way through -and- we did.

I could not be more excited to share this project, now is not that time. For right now, I’m extremely happy and proud of my client for their terrific work and thankful of their support before, during, and after the photography. Congrats Chris & all the Meyers’ team. Thank you so much.

My next story is on my client and dear friend, Mark Ours. Mark runs ON Architects, a one man architecture studio. Three years into running his own firm, he’s really hitting his stride. 

You see, while Mark and I are separated by “a few” years in age we’re only a year apart in running our firms. Mark is always there for me with good advice, a honest critique, sometimes a slap upside the head but I know he’s always got my back. I’m so proud of how he’s grown his business and what he’s created. Last week, we photographed his most recent project the Elmers’ corporate headquarters here in Columbus. The project turned out terrific, we’ll be sharing it soon. Thank you Mark for everything and congratulations on a terrific project, and to many more!

A few days later - I flew out to Southampton for work. Two days of long hours in the sun photographing beautiful houses and I got the call…my next project (only a few days away) was being postponed due to weather. Thunderstorms in Ohio, go figure.

Suddenly with idle time and only a Jitney ride away from the city I headed in. After typical travel adventures and initial NYC craziness I rounded up my friends. We had a good time catching up on each other’s lives. These are the wonderful people that enable my work in New York. Providing me a comfy place to rest my head, rooftops to perch on, and the good times to keep me coming back. It pains me that I couldn’t stay a few days longer to enjoy their upcoming original dance performance. If you’re in the city this Sunday, do yourself a favor and take in a great performance from some fantastic people. Thank you friends, you’ll be amazing on Sunday.

When I got to the city I also sent a tweet out to the architecture icons @BUILDLLC. I knew they were in the city, maybe they still were? Turns out they were and they kindly invited me to enjoy a @ChaseJarvis party in honor of his Dasein gallery show at the Ace Hotel.

There was no way I could miss this.

Some travel changes were made, and I made it to the party. First things first, the gallery event was truly special. If you’re in the city you owe it to yourself to stop by the Ace Hotel and check it out. The art changes daily, hand selected by Chase.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect of the social scene. I was there alone - it could have easily been a drive by appearance. Not the case. Andrew & Kevin of Build went above and beyond with their hospitality and making me feel welcome into their group. We had a great time sharing terrific conversation, lamb burgers at the Breslin and good spirits. Thank you! You guys are beyond awesome, it was a treat.

Chase Jarvis. What can you say? I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I’m a huge fan of his work, his process, and his thinking. Would Chase Jarvis the person live up to it all?

In short, yes he did and more. He was as down to earth and as brillitant as everyone says he is. It was the guy’s party - his party - and he MADE time for me. That says a lot, I’m grateful and take it to heart. Thank you Chase.

So what’s the point, other than I have a few clients that like me, friends, and went to a great party?

My point is that every one of those situations could have been a disaster, easily not as enjoyable, or not the life enriching experience that it was. The people - the quality - of these people that I’m lucky enough to be share space with, work with, or call friend is what makes a life.

I’m truly grateful for that - I hope I’m that for someone else.