I took a walk on the High Line (Phase 2)

Wednesday morning, phase two of the celebrated High Line Park in New York opened. I took a walk from 23rd Street all the way north and then doubled back south to the Standard & future home of the new Whitney Museum.

Here’s a quick look:

Elevation view of Neil Denari’s HL23. This is where the 23rd street stair enters the park.

Lounge lawn in the foreground, 23rd(?) street.

Just north of the HL23.

Phase 2 features an elevated platform above the old elevated rail. Once the landscape grows in this will be quite the escape from the city. On the elevated platform there are also juts with seating and interesting viewing angles.

Bench, platform. Rail, plants. Part 2 has less glitz, more grit. At least in my opinion.

I only said less glitz.

Looking south. Higher level to the left, lower to the right. Only employees are allowed on the lower level.

One viewing platform to another. This view will be gone in a year.

One particular platform puts you out over the street. Ok.

A much smaller, less dramatic seating area then phase one features but still a nice space. The steel to the right frames the view east.

Gigantic curved bench along 28th - 30th street. Quite the view.

Completely normal - nothing to see here. Move along.

Under the High Line @ 30th Street there is an open air bar. Very cool.

Currently to the right of the bar is Rainbow City, an art installation. It’s…interesting and fun. Read the artist statement and you’ll realize there was a suplus of hot air…

Not every view is glamorous. Which I like.

Just south of HL23, a lounge lawn, seating area, etc. 

Benches with backs! Welcomed addition.

Approach to phase 2.

Excited for phase 3, this park just keep getting better. Great job NYC.