Hi there St. Louis

Invited to St. Louis to celebrate my friends Walt&Erin getting married, I carved out a little personal time for architecture + photography.

My first stop was the Cannon Design - Power House Office. Formerly a coal-fired power plant serving downtown St. Louis it was left vacant for 30 years. Cannon restored the building and created a strikingly modern interior work space. Here are a few pictures from my visit, but do yourself a favor and view their official pictures. They’re awesome. Thanks again to Cannon for their kind hospitality.

From Cannon’s office I made my way to the Arch. I’ve been wanting to see the Arch for nearly a decade - needless to say I was pretty excited!

On the walk there, I came across this little metal building and was really taken by it. The rounded rectangular windows, metal facade relating to the Arch. It pulled me right in.

Getting to the actual Arch is a bit of a challenge, at least for a pedestrian. You have to cross over 12 lanes of traffic. It’s no surprise the city has plans to redesign the park and it’s connection to downtown.

Once I got to the Arch it was pretty amazing. Unfortunately, the wait to go up the Arch didn’t work with my schedule. A good reason to go back. The Arch was amazing — good job Eero.

View complete gallery of the Arch.

But I was here for a wedding, right? It just so happens the wedding was being held at an early (1962) HOK church. The St. Louis Abbey designed by Gyo Obata of Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum (HOK) with Pier Luigi Nervi as a consultant.

A lovely place for Walt&Erin to get married. Congratulations to them, and thanks STL for a great trip.