A Shot & Edit Process

I wanted to walk through the process of shooting and working with my retoucher to deliver a high quality image for a corporate client.

On Location Process

The lobby and atrium of this building was beautiful. It also featured this hanging stair that was the focus of several photographs. In this image I wanted to use the stair as a platform to view the lounge areas, “skybox” meeting rooms, and to get a view out. Having people in the frame was a requirement for both the client and myself.

Having people, meant I couldn’t just bracket my exposures and layer them. This means I had to light the space and do some creative post processing work.

1. One light under the stair, out of view. Lighting seated people.
2. Second light near camera on stair. Giving some fill light to the stair and sky box.

Base Image

In giant red circles you can already see the problems. Extension cord, reflections of cord, and tripod. These I knew could be taken care of by my retoucher.

But the exterior is far too bright. The campus is this lush landscape of beautiful trees - we needed to see that.


After working with my retoucher, we took care of the most apparent issues.

At this point I begin to pick out a number of additional changes.

Red = remove
Green = Add (lights were out)
Orange = Touch up
Blue = Dust, remove


After additional edits…

Finally - this image is ready for processing. Slight perspective correction, some color and additional balancing the image is finally complete.

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