A million cool things on the internet that I can only assume were made by swell folk.

Earlier this week, I posted a bunch of the work I had been doing and some personal ventures. Some exciting things are a foot at the studio. I wanted to take the time to share a bunch more. In this case, all made by other people, important works, things to come, surprising stories...Here goes.

Calgary Flood. Photograph by Andy van der Raadt.

Calgary Flood. Photograph by Andy van der Raadt.

Nothing like starting off on a bright note... Well, as most people know there has been horrible flooding out in Calgary. While there's nothing cool about flooding, Andy's photojournalistic instincts and talent with a camera have helped share this story with a larger audience. I found it interesting to read his thoughts on the moral dilemmas faced while covering an event like this. Issues, I imagine I'd struggle with if faced with a similar situation. Good on Andy for sharing this, and helping folks out.

Puppies Behind Bars. Photography by Radhika Chalasani

Puppies Behind Bars. Photography by Radhika Chalasani

Of course I loved this story from Wonderful Machine's blog.

Puppies Behind Bars (PBB) is a program working with inmates at prisons in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to train service dogs. Puppies are given to inmates for 20 months, to care for and train, so that the dogs can later assist wounded war veterans and law enforcement. The mission of the program is to not only to enhance the lives of veterans and assist law enforcement, but for prisoners to “learn what it means to contribute to society rather than take from it.

(via WM Blog)

The Guggenhiem opens it's latest exhibit, starring James Turrell. Such an event has caused quite the internet echo chamber, I found Architectural Lighting's more in depth look at Turrell's work quite welcomed.

Just a week or two after some members of Congress tried to pass legislation disbanding the design commission overseeing the memorial process and fire Frank Gehry, it seems Gehry's modified design has been approved and is moving forward. Consider me shocked. I never thought DC would allow Gehry to build anything here. 

On a different note, I found the renderings for this project to quite unique. Photos of models, with rendered people and 'moments' rendered into them. I hadn't seen anything like it before. 

There's a couple minute video on what it takes to make a photograph like this. Pretty impressive. 

Gordie Howe finishes a check. March 20th, 1956.

Gordie Howe finishes a check. March 20th, 1956.

With the Stanley Cup Finals just ending (congrats Chicago) there has been an article floating around the hockey world. Simply titled, Hockey’s the most photogenic of sports.  Hard to argue with that. Here's a photo from today's celebration in Chicago. Decent turnout.

And kudos to the Blackhawks organization for this.  Pure class.

Oh, Iceland. You're stunning. (via WM Blog)

Speaking of Iceland, friend, Paul Soulellis is headed there for an artist residency. Having tried to pry every bit of information about his plans I still know nothing. I can't wait to see the what comes out of his time in this magical place. 

Completing the Wonderful Machine hat trick is Malta, by Evan Pantiel

National Geographic has opened their 125 year archive of photography to create a new tumblr. Check it out.

The Last Stand. A series of images, that aims to reflect the histories, stories and memories of military conflict. Having finished part one of the project, Marc is looking for for some crowd sourced funding to complete part two. Really interesting project.

Photography by Troy House.

Photography by Troy House.

Julian Calverly tweeted a mention of Troy House's work. A photographer I hadn't heard but am now very glad I have. Troy titles his galleries "Dream", "Explore", and "Wander". I couldn't think of more perfect titles to describe his work. Great work.

 The Lost City

Over the next few hours, Evans and a small group of archaeologists hacked through more landmine-strewn jungle and waded through swollen rivers and bogs to discover the ruins of five other previously unrecorded temples and evidence of ancient canals, dykes and roads, confirming data from revolutionary airborne laser scanning technology called lidar.


Music video from 1987's 'hit classic' Dragnet. Starring Dan Akyroyd and Tom Hanks — rapping.