Quick Look: Part 2/Construction of HOK's Columbus Convention Center Hotel

About a month ago I decided to document the construction of the new convention hotel going up just a few blocks from my apartment. Makes for an easy subject while on walks with my dog. Here is part one if you missed it. All photographs were taken with my trusty GF1.

From North Wall Street.

All from Char Bar's parking lot.

All from adjacent parking garage. The best 'urban' aspect of this project is that it infills one of the worst walks in the city. Down High Street, on either side it's just a dead street. Hopefully this will help.  

From south of the site, on High St.

This last shot was just a 'moment' I saw one night. The two cranes nicely framing one of my favorite buildings in Columbus, Nationwide One.

I put a bit more time into this one. Taken with the 'Arch gear', if you want to know that sort of stuff.