Quick Look: From Dirt to Foundation!

It's been about a month since our last look at this project. The site has moved from a giant sandbox to a giant sandbox with some concrete walls. I joke, but it will be interesting to see how fast the foundation and steel skeleton will be built.

Click for a slightly larger photograph.

My recent visit to Nationwide One provided a great contextual view of the site. As you can see it is still far below street level but once complete it will improve on of the worst walks in the city.

A very similar view of a shot I took for the last installment - gives a good sense of the progress.

Notice the retaining wall to the left. This wall is already replaced by a concrete wall.

Crane, sun, blue.

This platform is already another level higher. Will be interesting to see how fast it grows.

The southern portion of site seems to be a few days behind the northern portion.

A still from a short video I took. This might grow into something more...