Quick Look: A week in the city

I've been making frequent trips to New York for the last four years. At first it was just for the city; to explore, to photograph, to see family and friends. Recently it's been more for work; projects, interviews, meetings, etc. This trip was an equal split, two days of interviews, two days of work, two days of family time. Below is a photo tour of my trip. (Mixture of photographs from three different cameras, see if you can tell the difference!)

1. 28th & Lexington: This is the view from "my apartment."

2. Headed to NJ to see family.

3. Somewhere along Park Ave.

4. Revisiting the Arc House for a few interiors.

5. Taking a look at a future project this year.

6. Got a chance to meet Emily Gilbert in SoHo. Awesome person, really talented Interior & Architectural photographer. Really glad to have met her. Check her out.

7. On every visit, I always try to visit a new spot. This is from an infamous Williamsburg warehouse, 475 Kent. Incredible building, the definition of loft living with a great view.

8. On my last day I decided to spend a few hours at the Met. If you've been to the Met, you can picture me just running through holding down the shutter button. Side note: How awesome are these old remnants of 5th Ave?! Sad that the new buildings are so weak.

9. American Wing.

10. The Temple of Dendur. Amazing.

11. New Greek and Roman Galleries

12. Modern Wing.

13. Katrin Sigurdardottir at the Met. Has a real jarring first experience.

14. Few aerial images.