Perspecta 40: Scale [Part 2]

What happened? Why wasn't it built? I honestly don't know.

Update from Kevin Roche's office: After excavation had begun an adjacent office building became available, which the bank elected to purchase instead of completing this project.

Something was built though, this...I believe it is the Hotel Reserve NYC. Obviously built with a completely different program and with no civic responsibility.

"...The fourth objective has to do with planned development on the lower tip of Manhattan. These are enormous projects, the two towers of the World Trade center near Battery Park, the US Steel Building under construction, the the existing towers [Chase Manhattan and Marine Midland]. Our building will be surrounded by these monsters. They would place us in a hole. From the occupant's point of view, he would be in a canyon."

-K. Roche, 1970

A late afternoon aerial photograph I took last year. The building (red square) is completely covered in shadows, I can't imagine it gets more than an hour of sunlight. I assume this will only get worse when the WTC is completed.(June/2009)

Taken from 2 Gold Apartment building due west of the site. SOM's Chase Manhattan middle left, low building in the center is the original Federal Reserve Building. You can see Hotel Reserve stick out a bit from behind the right most tower. The lit fog in the background is the WTC site. (June/2009)

Skyline from Brooklyn's new park. The top of Roche's tower would have stuck out, in line with SOM's Chase Manhattan Building, not lost in the canyons of Lower Manhattan.


I did place a call to Kevin Roche's office for additional information. Seems they're busy, that's a good thing I guess. But they're going to get back to me in the next week or two. Hopefully with the back story as to why the project wasn't completed. Stay tuned. Also this is a continuation of the MIT Press's Perspecta 40: Monster. I highly recommend picking up a copy.