Quick Look: New Musuem

Until now, I hadn't gotten a chance to visit the New Museum. Three years since opening, I've finally gotten the chance to visit and tour the SANAA designed museum.

1st Floor - Shop, tickets, cafe, media space, and gallery.

7th Floor

5th Floor - Smaller gallery & educational spaces

4th Floor - Large gallery

3rd Floor - Gallery

2nd Floor - Gallery

Exterior & Contextual view down Bowery

SANAA did a good job providing a unique feel to each space. Not sure if I circulated 'correctly' but I walked about the first floor, basement, then took the elevator up to the 7th and used the stair to work my way down. The oversized 4th floor was shocking and impressive, as was the secret stair between the 4th and 3rd. I'd imagine this feeling was heightened by the 'small' feel of the 5th floor. The energy of 'The Last Newspaper' was really unique. It seemed like a functioning relic, as there were tables of people actually working in the space. At least, I think that's what they were doing...

Overall a great experience and glad I was finally able to visit the museum. Also, I must commend the New Museum for allowing no-flash photography in all of their galleries. The art world would be better served if more museums had this policy.

For those who've been following along on twitter - these photographs were all taken with my new GF1. I'll have more of a recap later; NYC really put it through the paces.