Library additions.

Yesterday brought several fantastic additions to my library.

Julius Shulman: The Last Decade
By Julius Shulman & Jürgen Nogai

"Architects don't know how to look at their buildings and how to show them to the public. They always tell me to show some details, which were very complicated to achieve, but who in the world is interested in that? We have to show the whole building and how it functions."

"Architectural photography tells a story of a building, how it looks and how it works-very easy!"

"Architects know nothing, and I don't want them to show me the house. I want to show them how their house looks."

"Philip Johnson has the most expensive wallpaper in the world!"

"Never stop learning. If you stop learning, you are dead."

"I love beautiful women."

"Don't give me that perspective crap!"

"Jurgen, talk to young people. We have to teach them about the importance of architecture and show them the power of photography."

More than just another coffee table book. Beginning with a beautiful preface written by Shulman's photography partner, Jürgen Nogai, and a wonderful set of Shulman quotes. Julius was a one of a kind character. This book is a fitting compliment to the recent film, Visual Acoustics.


Louis I Kahn
By Robert McCarter

I've quietly told a few people of my Louis Kahn project. I won't go in to detail here, but step one was really getting familiar with Kahn's work.

This book lays out his work in chronological order. Widely considered the most compressive look at Kahn's work, I'm really looking forward to diving in.


By Jonathan Glancey

Lost in Myth. Lost in Peace. Lost in War. Lost Too Soon. Acts of God. Political Losses. Lost in Dreams. Self-Destruction. Left on the Drawing Board.

A stunning collection of architectural wonders complete with their stories.


ROOM 606: The SAS House & The Work of Arne Jacobsen
By Michael Sheridan

Sometimes I buy books that I really don't know what they're about. ROOM 606 is one of those books. Having it in my hands I'm not prepared to say what it is, but I'm confident I'll like it.