Knowlton Hall, Interior & Fantastic Chair Collection

With the opening of Knowlton Hall, the KSA is proud to present the Classic Furniture Collection. As a cornerstone of the program and a main component of the new building, the collection infuses the School with superlative examples of technical and aesthetic craftsmanship and, along with institutions like the Wexner Centerfor the Arts, establishes Central Ohio as a center of design. -KSA

 I had been asked to photograph the infamous chair collection at the Knowlton School of Architecture. Our focus was on the furniture, but more so the combination of the space+furniture. Pieces like the giant red lip sofa and the baseball glove have seen better days so we worked hard to put them in their best light possible. They also got a good digital cleaning.

Studio spaces were an absolute mess, but we embraced it. The library continues to be well maintained and was useful for the 'pretty' photographs. If you're ever in Columbus, the Knowlton School is worth a visit.