Let's talk about Cameras

As an architectural photographer I plan my shots in advance, I have time to set up and reason enough to carry 60+ lbs of equipment. This isn't going to change any of that. However I felt there was a hole in my creative output that would be best served by a different type of camera...

iPhone 4: a quick, care free pocket camera that's always with me, connected to the world, and great apps/filters. Lots of fun, very useful but I don't see these photographs as anything more than pixels. I can't imagine printing any of these photos...it has it's limits in terms of quality.

I'm not alone here but I've long wanted the perfect "small" camera. Something for family events, weddings, walks with Mr. Cooper, trips, etc. All while being confident in this camera's ability to take archival quality photographs that I could print, even deliver to client, or friend who wants a print...you get the point.

Oh, and it has to fun for me.

Full frame, Nikon kit with manual focus PC lenses, lights, yada yada. It's not about the gear.

So, after years of patiently waiting for "the one", I've finally made a purchase. Cameras like the Canon G9, G10, G11, Panasonic LUX4, and others have all tempted me but I felt they were nothing more than really expensive point and shoots. Nikon continues to sit on the sidelines of this market and I'm in no mood to wait for them. Others tried this market as well, the Olympus PEN. While mildly successful sales and reviews, forgive me for not caring for it's 'retro' styling. Let's move forward people.

More than a year ago Panasonic released the GF1, it seemed like this was "the one", although a bit more expensive than I wanted. Craig Mod reviewed it the way cameras should be reviewed, you can read it here. (Beautiful images, highly recommended review. Actually do yourself a favor and read everything he writes.) I waited more than a year for two reasons; cost and figured the next model would be an improvement in any lacking areas. My reasoning turned out to be both correct and wrong. I saved about $300 by waiting and recently Panasonic announced the GF2, it moved in the wrong direction for my taste.

As of Tuesday, I'm a proud owner of a GF1 with 20mm pancake lens. I gave the GF1 a quick, out of the box test yesterday with a trip to my old middle school to play with Coop. Have a look.

f/8 region, images of place. I learned Algebra in that little shack.

Cooper rocking out in f/1.7 along with some silly out takes.

Next up is a quick visit to New York. Opening the new year in style and bidding farewell to a friend before his big adventure.