City Center, Las Vegas

In May, I spent a (very) long week in Vegas photographing Gehry's Ruvo Center for Brain Health. On a morning off I took the time to visit the newly opened City Center project. Nearly 9 billion dollars worth of contemporary architecture and art. By no means is this meant to be an architectural review of the project - simply the observations over a morning exploration.

1, 2: The view from my room at the Polo Towers. 3: From the sky bridge.

I had a horrible time actually getting around City Center. I should note that I didn't really know the site plan, various portions of the project were still under construction, and the Vegas "you can only cross where we say you can" struck me frustrating...

The Veer Towers were my favorite - loved their color and how their relationship to each other varied from dynamic to distant depending on where you were viewing them from. Designed by Murphy/Jahn.

1: Morning view from my hotel room. 2: From Mandarin's valet drop off. 3: Detail from my room. 4: Street. 5, 6: Detail of facade.

The Crystals, by Daniel Libeskind. I walked the exterior before the stores opened and before Prada's store finished construction. I'd assume the streets are usually more crowded.

I spent most of my time exploring the interior - which was very impressive. Lots of great Libeskind moments.

Next time I'm there, I'll explore Mandarin (by Kohn Peterson Fox), Aria (by Pelli Clarke Pelli), and The Harmon (by Foster + Partners). I'm also quite upset I never that time to photograph the projects at night. A tour guide couldn't hurt either...

Last but certainly not least, Gensler, should be recognized for their work as Executive Architects of the project. Great work, truly interesting!