Perspecta 40: Scale [Part 1]

As far as the owner [Federal Reserve Bank] is concerned, this is a very simple problem. They want to build 400,000 square feet of office space...However, they would like to be responsible about it in some civic way.

-Kevin Roche, 1970

Site is approximately 21,3000 sq ft [area in white], irregularly shaped surrounded by three narrow streets. Conflicting interests of building a large tower on a small site while also achieving maximum public good in terms of open space and proper relationship to other buildings. As a point of reference a photograph of the crowded intersection only heightens the desire for public space at street level.

Standard Zoning

With this piece of property, and with the existing zoning, we can't build a sensible building...neither in terms of functional requirements nor in terms of public good. Let us reconsider the whole project with new objectives in mind. First, an office building has a core. Then, the rectangular floor space should have a min. of about 13,000 square feet. We place this floor space in the center of the site, but remove the service core of the adjoining building, thus providing clear, unobstructed space with maximum window exposure.

-KR, 1970

These quotes, pictures, and information are from Perspecta 40: Monster. As someone who did not go through architecture school, it effectively exposed me to the design process and many considerations that an architect must take into consideration. The fact remains this project was sadly never built. Information beyond this article is almost non-exisitent. In part two, I hope to find out why the project was never built and show you what was built instead.