Quick Look// 4: We have a floor!

There was no April update. The weather here in Columbus was absolutely awful. It rained practically all month. I was not pleased.

Regardless of weather, progress continued at the new Convention Center Hotel construction site. The site began as a pit, sunken almost 40 feet below street level. Since the last look at the project we've reached several milestones. The project is now out its pit and reached street level both to the back alley and more importantly High Street. It also seems they've reached the first floor of the hotel.

Construction reaches streetlevel.

Elevation view from the north to the south. I'm guessing this foundation work will become a parking garage.


My Lawyer Gabe

1. Definitely a question for Mike…. Mike?

Yeah, here I am Gabe. That’s a great question and a tough situation. You obviously don’t want to alienate a client you’ve had a good relationship with for 10 years, but my guess is that if they’ve been in business for 10 years they understand the need for contracts, and probably have them with their other vendors. Approach the situation delicately, let them know you’re at the point where you’re trying to tighten up your business practices and you’re getting all of your clients onboard. Explain the contract protects both of you and offer to walk through it together, in person if possible, instead of just e-mailing it in. It’s all going to come down to your delivery.

And congratulations on having a client for 10 years! Nicely done.


2. I’m sure there are resources, but I’m not aware of any in particular.  As for whether it’s always a good idea to get a lawyer, I swear Mike will get mad at me if I say that you don’t always need one…. So, I’ll let him answer.

Thanks Gabe, When we were starting off we picked up a bunch of Nolo press books. I recommend them. But they’re no substitute for an actual lawyer. I recommend reading up a bit so that you know what questions to ask, and then getting a consultation with a lawyer that understands freelancing. Hunt around a little and you’ll find one that’ll do an initial free consultation. 

AND the accompanying tumblr of Q&A with Mike and Gabe.

Terrific work guys - a true service to many.


1. Aerial, 2010
2. Front St, 2008
3. LeVeque Tower, 2007
4. Construction of Huntington Field, 2007
5. Huntington Field 2008
6. Capital Square, 2008
7. Broad & High, 2008
8. Hubbarb & High 2008
9. Union Station Arch, 2008
10. LeVeque Tower, 2008
11. Goodale Park, 2007
12. Blizzard, 2009
13. Union Station Arch Relics, 2008
14. Ohio Historical Center, 2009
15. Knowlton School of Architecture, 2007
16. Wexner Center, 2008
17. Buggyworks, 2008
18. Press, 2007
19. Grange Insurance, 2009
20. Grange Insurance, 2009
21. Nationwide Headquarters, 2009
22. High & Long, 2009
23. The Pit, 2009
24. Live United, 2009
25. Sky, 2009
26. Room with a view, 2009
27. Short North, 2009
28. City Center, 2009
29. Cosi, 2009
30. Broad Street, 2009
31. Columbus, 2010
32. Winter, 2010
33. Winter, 2010
34. Hayden Falls, 2007
35. One, 2009
36. Cars, 2009
37. RPAC, 2009
38. Cap Square, 2009
39. Northbank Park, 2009
40. Winter Skyline, 2010
41. Smith Brothers, 2010
42. 4th, 2011
43. Wyandotte, 2009
44. 2011
45. Down High, 2011

Quick Look: From Dirt to Foundation!

It's been about a month since our last look at this project. The site has moved from a giant sandbox to a giant sandbox with some concrete walls. I joke, but it will be interesting to see how fast the foundation and steel skeleton will be built.

Click for a slightly larger photograph.

My recent visit to Nationwide One provided a great contextual view of the site. As you can see it is still far below street level but once complete it will improve on of the worst walks in the city.

A very similar view of a shot I took for the last installment - gives a good sense of the progress.

Notice the retaining wall to the left. This wall is already replaced by a concrete wall.

Crane, sun, blue.

This platform is already another level higher. Will be interesting to see how fast it grows.

The southern portion of site seems to be a few days behind the northern portion.

A still from a short video I took. This might grow into something more...