I Made a Mac App

Years ago, I had made a terrible decision to buy some Gitzo laptop plate...it's absolutely junk in the field. I've created a bunch of rigged solutions to overcome it's short comings and finally it was time for something better.

So this afternoon's project was to setup and test my new Inovativ's DigiPlate System. After assembling the my DigiPlate Lite with the added back up hard drive mount I dove into Capture One to hunt for the 'tethering back up' feature. When tethered, images will write to the laptop and then be copied to a hard drive for extra safe keeping. Brilliant!

Except this feature does not exist in Capture One Pro 9.2.1. Why? No idea, Aperture had it!
Pause for a second.
Aperture had it!

I called my friends at Digital Transitions to double check, they confirmed that this often requested feature was still MIA. No excuses Phase. Seriously.

To date, these sorts of middle of the photoshoot backups had been a manual process.

1. Find HD in my bag or Pelican case
2. Connect HD
3. Drag C1Pro Session folder to HD
4. Wait
5. Eject HD
6. Repeat as often as possible

Not exceptionally hard, but time consuming, with a chance to be forgotten during a busy day and frankly, silly to be done by hand. I knew there was a better way.

Enter Automator.app

'Hi, I'm Otto!"

'Hi, I'm Otto!"

In addition to being one of my absolute favorite icons in Mac OS since it was introduced all the way back in 2005, Automator and Otto the little robot depicted is this super powerful tool on the Mac! And today, after many years of lackadaisical attempts on my part and not really knowing how I'd use Automator, I finally gave Otto a task and it totally works!

After some initial trial and error. I have a working, mostly automated app. I'd share the app 'binary', but it's probably faster, safer and better for you to make this on your own. Here's what I did.

1. Open Automator.app
2. File -> New | 'Application'
3. Action | 'Ask for Finder Items'
Start at: 'Pictures'
Type: 'Folder'
YES, Allow Multiple Selections^

4. Action | 'Copy Finder Items'
To: 'New Variable'
Select your backup hard drive.
YES, Replace Existing Files^2

5. Save your app.

At this point, my laptop is used for tethering on location. So, I saved my app 'C1Pro Backup' directly to Desktop.

^1: Allow Multiple Selections so that you can back up more then one folder at a time.

^2: You can choose to not replace existing files, the app will simply make a second folder. And then a third folder, a fourth, etc.

Now, how does this app work?

1. Double click your app's icon.
2. Double click your desired Capture One Pro Session
3. There is no step three.